Sunday, June 12, 2011

Curly, Wavy, Frizzy HAIR DILEMMA!

Now for the longest time I have had many flat irons, blow dryers, round brushes, and product to straighten my hair but nothing really seemed to work at home.  Straighten but give me bounce, ha, thought I could never achieve this at home on my own and remember I have been straightening my hair since I was 14 and I am 28 now.  I have found something that I love and that makes my hair shiny and beautiful.  My mom recently came to visit and brought with her the IN STYLER ROTATING HOT IRON.  Now my reviews on this, it does take longer than my blow dryer and flat iron but it makes it much shinier, more body, and it lasts longer so I just need to do a touch up if I want in the morning but I really didn't need to.  It is heavier than your probably use to but once you figure out how you like to hold it and use it, it is very easy to start straightening.  Be very careful when using this product as it is very HOTTTTTTT and can burn your skin, I have a few marks on my neck from the first time using it but that is because it takes a few times to get use to using a straightener.  Also when straightening people complained about it taking to long, well as any of you know when straightening your hair you must have your hair in sections and do it little by little for the best results.  I have read may reviews and most people love it, there were only a few who didn't like it or gave bad reviews.  I have two people I know that use it, my mom and friend Jenny and they both love it.  Also when using it dry your hair completely first with the blow dryer and put a little anti-frizz serum in it, I love John Frieda's frizz ease serum. 

Where you can buy this product?  You can buy it from:
Target: $99.99
Walmart: Deluxe kit-$99.97 or Regular kit-$81.54
Bed, Bath, and Beyond: $99.99

But the best deal I have found is on QVC: $97.80
you get the iron, a stand for it, and the pad to put it on to while using it and also a bag for when you travel.  Yes you'll pay for shipping and handling but you can do easy pay, 5 payments for $19.56.  I love QVC and if anything happens to it or it breaks you can send it back and have it replaced.  Oh yeah and the best part too, it comes in purple or pink on QVC, unlike the stores it only comes in orange.

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