Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Baby and Gas

I breastfeed my daughter Danielle (3 months old) and recently her gas has become worse not sure if it's from using the bottle occasionally so that my husband and daughter can feed her.  I pump and use the best bottles ever and use gas drops but this week it's been bad.  My sister-in-law Liz told me to use a tummy wrap and it would help with the gas, instead of buying one in the magazine I used the rice heat wrap I already had.  Let me tell you it worked wonders, heated it up for 2 minutes and put it on her belly and Poof she was happy and farting up a storm.  I found a few websites that you can make your own instead of purchasing one but most wraps are no more than $30 online.  Here is a website that may help you make you own:

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