Thursday, July 18, 2013

Slushie Magic

So my daughter Skylar has been bugging me to buy the slushy cup thingy that was on tv.  We found it at Walmart and here is my review.  It takes a lot of energy to make this slushy stuff but it doesn't stay slushy for long. Here is the official website for the slushy magic suppose to be easy to make, haha,

So following the directions which are amazingly simple, the whole at the top of the cup makes it so hard to keep going.  You are supposed to put your finger over the whole on the lid shake a little and take your finger off to let the pressure out I am assuming but man it freaking squirts the juice out every time.  I am wondering what others think of this so called magic slushy thing. 

My opinion about this slushy magic was a waste of money and not worth the $15 you'll spend.

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